Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed

Florida is one of several states that recognizes the Enhanced Life Estate Deed (a/k/a Ladybird Deed) as a means of transferring property to your heirs when you pass away.  In simple terms, the Enhanced Life Estate Deed changes the way the property is owned from the usual form of ownership (like the General Warranty Deed or Quitclaim Deed) where the house or property is disposed of by the courts using the probate process into an ownership that transfers the property directly to a named beneficiary when the current owner passes away.

Unlike Beneficiary Deeds in other states, the Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed does not give the beneficiary any rights in the property while the current owner is alive.  This means the current property owner can sell the property at any time without the beneficiary's consent and the beneficiary's creditors cannot attach liens to the property while the owner is alive.  There is no creation of a "Life Estate," nor is a Trust required.

Avoiding Probate
Instead of probate, the beneficiary need merely file the death certificate in the local county records for the property to be transferred.

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