Happy 4th of July!

Like most of you I plan to make this a longer than normal weekend due to the fact that Independence Day is on Tuesday. Sorry Brits. Y'all have had our (the American's) backs on a number of occasions and I appreciate it. But on July 4, 1776, y'all were on the wrong side of the fight. I may not post again until Wednesday unless I get a chance on Monday.

I didn't post yesterday because my family and I went to Silver Springs, Florida for a mini-vacation. We actually saw the Kodiac Bears get into a domestic dispute that could be heard throughout the park. The riverboat cruises were great too. If you ever get the chance its worth visiting at least once. You'll find Silver Springs is not one of those cheesy hole-in-the-wall reptile shacks that stuff too many reptiles into too small a space and charge an arm and a leg to view them.

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