Vote Today

Just a reminder (if you didn't already know it) today is the day to vote. I voted on the way into work this morning. My voting precinct is located at a small rural airport in the middle of nowhere. I was surprised when I arrived to see how many people showed up to vote for this mid-term election. There were about 10 proposed amendments to the Georgia Constitution and no real interesting races. Despite its location, our precinct has what I would call state of the art voting equipment. I enjoyed voting on the touch screen machine.

I am actually more interested in the issues being voted on just south of the border in Tallahassee, Florida. There is a new County Judge seat up for grabs and one of the guys I knew in high school is running for County Commissioner. They are also deciding on whether a new sales tax should be implemented. I personally oppose the tax because I would have to pay it but would not get the benefits; my being a resident of Georgia.
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