Consumer Protection: I'm All Outta Love

You may have heard about the Los Angeles, CA court case where the sixty (60) year old woman hired an online matchmaking service to find her a wealthy husband. The woman made an initial payment of $100,000 to the service and the service guaranteed it would introduce her to rich men; presumably eligible marriage candidates. The service took her money and promptly introduced the woman to a man in bankruptcy and another wealthy (but married) man.

The Solution: More Money
Unhappy with the results, the woman paid the service an additional $25,000 for instructions on how to snare a wealthy husband. The service then introduced her to a retired, middle class firefighter and several other middle class men. Still no wealthy prospects.

When All Else Fails, File Suit
In the end, the service failed to provide what it had guaranteed. After numerous unsuccessful matches, the woman sued the service. The jury awarded the woman her initial $100,000 as well as a punitive award of $2 million. Now she can marry whoever she wants (rich or poor) and still be distinguished as a millionaire's wife.

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