What is a Quit Claim Deed?

Quit Claim Deed
A Quit Claim Deed (sometimes misspelled "quick claim deed") is a legal document used to transfer one person's interest in a parcel of property to someone else.  The Quit Claim Deed is often used between family members and friends because the transfer is made without any warranties or representations.  Of particular note, the Quit Claim Deed does not warrant that title to the property is clear or that the person executing the deed is even an owner of the property.  All the Quit Claim Deed does is transfer any interest the grantor has in the property to the grantee. 

Warranty Deed
If you are purchasing a parcel of real estate and you want to ensure that title to the property is clear, you will need to execute another form of deed.  A Warranty Deed requires the grantor to ensure that title to the property is clear.  This includes the Special Warranty Deed.  Read my other post for more information on the difference between the Warranty Deed and Quit Claim Deed.
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