Estate Planning: Where Should I Keep My Will?

Losing your Will can create a nightmare for your heirs and result in your property ending up with an unintended beneficiary. Keeping up with a Will presents the distinct problem of keeping the contents secret from your heirs, and still making sure they can access it once you pass away.

Try a Safe Deposit Box
You may consider renting a safe deposit box for your Will. A safe deposit box would keep the Will away from your heirs, but might make it difficult for family members to retrieve the Will when the time comes. If you choose a safe deposit box, you might consider granting access to someone you trust to leave the Will alone until it needs to be probated.

Leave Your Will with an Attorney
You may choose to leave the original of your Will with an attorney.  An attorney is obligated to keeping your Will confidential, and may only charge a nominal fee for maintaining it.
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