Get Your GSA Schedule

One of my retail clients contacted me several years ago about setting them up with a GSA Schedule.  A GSA Schedule is what the Federal Government calls it when your business is added to its approved list of private contractors entitled to sell goods and services to the Federal Government. The list basically filters the massive numbers of non-GSA businesses from the relatively small list of GSA businesses and gives preference to the GSA businesses. GSA businesses are added to a searchable Google-like database where Federal Procurement Officers (like the Armed Services and different Departments) can search for GSA approved businesses and products. A GSA schedule makes it easier for a business to contact government purchasers and market their products to the Federal government.

My client wanted to sell winter clothing to the Federal Government and felt that being added to the GSA Schedule list would give them a better chance at doing so.  We filled out the paperwork and after several months of back and forth with our contract officer and an on-site inspection my client was awarded a GSA Contract.  Now that my client has been added to the GSA list they are selling tens of thousands of dollars worth of clothing to the Federal Government each year. In case you are wondering who my client is their GSA Contract number is GS07F9374S.

In addition to the standard GSA Contract Schedule, it is also possible to have your business listed as an "8a Contractor" or "8a Business" which increases your opportunities to sell to the Federal Government even more.  In brief, an 8a contractor is a minority owned business or woman owned business that has been socially or economically disadvantaged. 
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